Navigating the Complexity of Cybersecurity and Compliance

We understand that effective cybersecurity extends beyond defending against threats, we emphasize proactive compliance with SEC and FINRA standards.

Our holistic approach to cybersecurity and compliance solutions ensures that your firm is not only protected against evolving threats, but also remains ahead of the compliance curve. Anchored in continuous testing and precise documentation, we help position your business for enduring security and compliance excellence. 

We recognize that true cybersecurity goes beyond merely defending against threats; it demands proactive compliance with SEC and FINRA standards. Our approach is holistic, ensuring your firm not only combats evolving threats but also consistently outpaces the compliance curve. With a foundation of continuous testing and meticulous documentation, we're dedicated to elevating your business's security and compliance to a standard of excellence that endures.

Cybersecurity and Compliance Services for Financial Institutions

In the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, traditional security measures are no longer sufficient. TEKFIRM offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to enhance your cybersecurity defenses, focusing on compliance, risk management, and business continuity. By partnering with us, you'll benefit from customized solutions that not only mitigate risks but also ensure adherence to industry-specific regulations, securing your firm against both current and emerging threats.

Penetration Testing

Discover vulnerabilities before they can be exploited with our comprehensive penetration testing services. Our expert team simulates sophisticated cyber attacks to evaluate your defenses, ensuring your financial institution can withstand real-world threats while remaining compliant with industry regulations.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Stay ahead of security risks with our proactive cyber security risk assessment. We identify, classify, and mitigate vulnerabilities in your systems, ensuring continuous compliance and protection against evolving cyber threats. Our approach prioritizes critical risks, aligning with regulatory compliance and safeguarding your institution's integrity.

Compliance & Documentation

Enhance compliance with meticulously crafted cybersecurity policies meeting FINRA/SEC requirements. Ensure readiness for audits. Maintain alignment with regulatory updates and support business expansion through regular reviews, offering efficient solutions for secure, compliant growth.

Business Continuity Planning

Embed Business Continuity Planning (BCP) in IT recommendations, emphasizing agility, rapid recovery, and cloud tech to minimize downtime. Develop and test scenario-based strategies for operational continuity, ensuring regulatory readiness and resilience.

Social Engineering & Awareness

Empower your team to be the first line of defense against cyber threats. Ongoing social engineering and awareness programs train staff to recognize and respond to phishing and other attacks, fostering a culture of security and compliance throughout your organization.

Cloud Security

Secure your cloud-based operations with TEKFIRM’s services. Our experts configure cloud environments for optimal security and compliance, protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access. We ensure adherence to FINRA regulations and best practices, providing peace of mind for your financial institution.

Client Satisfaction

The team at Tekfirm is very professional and great to work with. Being able to work with them remotely is very convenient as our inquiries are managed very efficient and they always have a quick turnaround to any of our issues. We highly recommend them for your IT needs.

Jacqueline Rodriguez

Engaging with an IT Firm is a very delicate matter, especially if you are a regulated entity. We have found great support from TekFirm. Not just from a net work support perspective, but as an IT Partner who is there to make sure your entire IT department is solid and that all areas are airtight such as Regulatory Policies and Procedures. This value add is immeasurable!

Juan C. Massens

Tekfirm is a responsible firm focused on the client needs and open to work in new developments to leverage growth opportunities with the appropriate technological standards. They are a flexible, reliable, and strategic partner.

Víctor Ocampo

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With Tekfirm, you gain more than just a cybersecurity solution provider; you gain a partner dedicated to ensuring your firm’s security and compliance regulations. Our expert understanding of the financial sector’s unique challenges, combined with our commitment to excellence, positions us to offer unparalleled support and solutions to firms like yours. Let TEKFIRM help navigate the Cybersecurity regulatory challenges for you so you can focus on what matters most, your clients.

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