5 Best Tools and Apps To Help Run Your Law Firm

When it comes to your law firm, efficiency and accessibility are two key factors that can give your practice a competitive advantage. Clients are constantly searching for organizations that provide them with instant access and immediate results for their individual needs. To meet this demand, you’ll need a way to transform your firm into a dynamic practice that streamlines daily administrative tasks efficiently. 

The latest tech tools and apps can help you run your law firm—even if they aren’t specifically made for the legal industry. Many law firms today are already seeing the impact technology has on their practice. According to a survey from Statista, 84 percent of law firms questioned stated that using legal technology increased their organization’s overall efficiency. Whether you’re working from home or at the office, the use of technology will help your law firm keep clients satisfied and complete tasks. 

Of course, keeping up with the world of technology can be tricky. From apps to tablets, there’s always a new piece of tech software or tool being developed and released every day. In this blog, we’ll explore 5 of the best tech tools and apps that can turn your law firm into an efficient practice. 


  • Video conferencing tools

The year 2020 brought several changes to the workplace. One of the most prominent ones includes the transition to remote work, which allowed employees to abide by social distancing rules. As the nation begins to slowly move towards normality, it’s important for law offices to continue offering different methods to communicate with clients. 

That’s where video conferencing technology comes in handy.

Video conferencing tools make it easier for you to have one-on-one meetings with both clients and workers within your practice. You can even use video conferencing tools to film or stream court trials and appearances. Many video conferencing tools are easy to download as apps for your computer, laptop, smartphone, and other devices. Some of the best platforms for legal practices include:

Along with allowing you to meet with your clients and colleagues beyond your office setting, video conferencing tools provide your law firm with countless benefits such as saving time and travel costs and allowing you to record important meetings or trials. Make sure to set up the proper cybersecurity measures to prevent opportunistic criminals from stealing confidential information. 


  • Cloud-based practice management software

Every law firm needs law practice management software (LPMS) to manage different clients and their needs. Choosing a reliable LPMS ensures that your firms’ daily operations run smoothly as you operate several tasks, such as legal billing, scheduling, storing documents, and managing cases. 

With cloud-based law practice management software, your firms’ daily operations can be handled even more efficiently. For instance, like most cloud-based software, you will be able to schedule meetings, make updates to documents, and collaborate with your team members in any location and with any device. Interestingly, the American Bar Association reports that lawyers are becoming accustomed to using cloud-based technologies. According to a recent survey, almost 30% of law firms declared that cloud-based services provide greater security and other benefits than they can provide on their own. 

Some of the benefits that cloud-based law practice management software offers to law firms include instant access at any location and device, low costs, and data backup. 


  • Printer with legal-related features

Most legal documents in a law firm are shared between clients and colleagues. That’s why a firm needs to incorporate printers, copiers, and scanners with multiple functions in their office setting. Using a printer with such features allows you to ease the process of legal procedures—and without taking too much time. Along with scanning and faxing your documents, a printer with multiple functions allows you to handle your documents through one location. This is especially useful if you need to send several copies of documents and collaborate with your colleagues.

With printers, one essential factor that should be considered is cybersecurity. Your printer, copier, and other devices can become easily compromised by cybercriminals. Our blog, 5 Cybersecurity Tips to Keep Your Printers and Copiers Secure offers several tips that will keep your printers safe.


  • Private Wi-Fi hotspot

Having a Wi-Fi connection is a crucial part of any business. However, using an unencrypted connection to manage confidential data can pose serious risks. For a secure Wi-Fi connection within your office, make sure to set up a private mobile hotspot, especially if you’re working in public. A private Wi-Fi hotspot ensures that any data or documents you share are kept secret. Most smartphones contain a private Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot function within their settings so check your devices for this useful feature. If you’re having trouble establishing a Wi-Fi connection, our blog, Common Wi-Fi Problems and How to Fix Them may help you!


  • Administrative tech tools

Administrative tasks like scheduling appointments and making phone calls are a normal part of most firms. However, you can build efficiency with certain tools. For instance, you can use Alexa, Siri, and other virtual assistants to save appointments and make important calls. You can also plan and calculate all firm expenses with tools like Quickbooks. Depending on the tools and apps you use, you can integrate your administrative tech tools with your cloud-based LPMS so that it’s easier to oversee the management of all tasks and legal processes. 


Technology is an ever-changing world. Most law firms know this and are constantly searching for new technology solutions that allow them to gain a competitive edge. By implementing comprehensive technology tools like cloud-based law practice management software, Wi-FI hotspot, and a printer with multiple functions, your law firm can provide better client experiences, facilitate easier collaboration, and boost its efficiency. 

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